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Kerala Hindu Nair baby naming ceremony on 28th day

Hindu’s from Kerala, especially Nair community, celebrate the naming ceremony (Naam Karan) like a festival on the 28th day from birth for a new born baby. Nair’s from South region of Kerala even have one more rule to adhere to – if it is a girl then the naming ceremony is celebrated on 27th day and if it is a boy celebrations are done on the 28th day.

On this auspicious day the child is bathed freshly and adorned with gold and silver jewellery. A neat assortment of flowers, vermilion and sweets along with the Aarti is arranged in a decorative plate. The child is seated in the father’s lap and the Aarti ritual is conducted. The tilak is placed on the forehead of the child. The child’s name is whispered in one ear by father while the other ear is covered with a beetle leaf.

The child is then put in the cradle and with rhyming verses and traditional songs. The name of the child is repeated for good effect. Blessings are bestowed as Aashirwad and also gifts are showered with the tradition of bringing good luck to the child.

Among Kerala Hindu Nair community gold ornaments are not worn below the hip. Because of this usually a black thread is used to tie around the hip of the baby which would also carry rings made of five different metals. This ornament is supposed to protect the baby from bad demons. Also to ensure more protection from bad spirits usually a bracelet is worn which would have either black beads or hair from an elephant’s tail. New born babies are taken out in public only after 56 days from birth and usually they are taken first to the temple.

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